Want to battle rap online?

Here is fun and easy way to call your friends mom fat and/or slutty.

Who hasn't wanted to call someone really bad things, battle rap stylie, but was too afraid to do so, at least eye to eye? We found no structured way to do this anywhere on all of the huge Internets. Well, exept for YouTube, and Facebook... And all the forums, there are a LOT of forums out there... Well here is one more place, and here you get points for the bad things you say and you can even win fame and glory for doing so. There will probably be foul language here, so if you're sensitive for that kind of thing maybe you should do something else. Like a donkey.

So how does it work?

  1. Create a Soldier (or avatar, character..) if you haven't already (You have to be logedin to facebook to do so, it's a "friends" thing)
  2. Find someone to battle, either by searching for them or just pick one by clicking on their soldier
  3. Start a new battle, maybe a "You're so Fattle" and write the first line, dissing your opponent as much as possible. But rememeber, when they respond (after they stop crying that is) they might be a bit, ehm, rude?
  4. You each get 5 turns and then you wait for the votes from your fans to pour in, after two weeks you'll know who won. So get as much people as possible to vote for you.
  5. Take your place on the throne and wait until the next rapper wannabe challanges you.

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Cybersoldier App

Yep, there's an app out now, some day there will be an app for Apple-stuff too, but it's too much of a hassle to develop, and I don't have the time right now. So for now you have to use the site, or get Android. Sorry.

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